Farmland will play an important role in the Chikn-Verse. All the details have not been revealed but the articles below will get you started in understand the importance this NFT plays.  For starters you can stake $egg/$avax LP to access high yield $feed production and recently added $feed/$avax and $fert/$avax LPs

Farmland can be Expanded using $egg to increase the umber of tiles. Rumor has it that the tiles will be important for foraging and of course hold space in the chiknverse. The bigger your #farmland the more LP rewards you can store. Once you reach 120 bigness you can store infinite amount of rewards on your farmland. 

Farmland can also be Fertilized using $fert to increase yield production of your staked LP (AKA
 more staking rewards)

Farmland Articles: 

What is Farmland?