Welcome to the Alter Eggo
Chikn Coop Club

A Coqmmunity-based NFT experiment inspired by Chikn_NFT...

No Promises, only Possibilities. Starting with the Art. 

What is Alter Eggo Chikn?  

The Alter Eggo Chikn is an art project using simple lines and geometry to make custom copies of Chikn and Roostr NFT.  Each member that purchases an unrevealed NFT gets a custom copy of their Chikn or Roostr NFT and becomes a member of the coop. There will be only 108 Alter Eggo Chikns....Roostr number is still pending

Basically that is it...but maybe there is more. Read on to find out. (Hint we have #Farmland)

Who can join the coop? 

Anyone can join, however, if you do not have a Chikn NFT or Roostr NFT, then we cannot make a custom copy of your chikn/roostr.  BUT we have made custom art for members that do not have a chikn/roostr - you can take a look at the campfire page to see some examples..  Granted there might be more utility for Chikn or a Roostr owners.  Maybe long-term the value of the NFT rises, maybe it is zero...no promises, only possibilities. 

How Do I join the Alter Eggo Chikn Coop? 

The First step is to purchase an Alter Eggo Chikn or Roostr NFT. You can get one on Campfire by clicking here: BUY an ALTER EGGO CHIKN (BUY an ALTER EGGO ROOSTR). There will only be a limited number for sale at a time to throttle the customization process. Also note that prices will probably go up in increments of around 0.5 Avax per 10 sold, starting at 2 Avax.

When you buy an unrevealed Alter Eggo Chikn you will get a custom one made for your Chikn NFT. 

Here are the steps to get your Custom Alter Eggo Chikn

Step 1: Buy an Unrevealed Alter Eggo Chikn or Roostr NFT on Campfire.

Step 2: Send the wallet address of your unrevealed Alter Eggo AND a picture of the chikn or roostr you want customized to the either @chikncoopclub or @bokboknews on Twitter.

Step 3: Customization will take between 3 to 5 days to complete (depending on how many are in line). You will be notified when it is complete

Step 4: Once your Custom Alter Eggo is ready, we will let you know and request that you send your Unrevealed Alter Eggo back to our wallet so we can upgrade the image and metadata. 

Step 5: We will update the image and metadata and then send the NFT back to you with your custom version. 

Why only 108 Chikns

There will only be 108 Alter Eggo Chikns. This helps keep the coop manageable and 108 is a cool number.   

We estimate about 88 Roostrs will be minted.

Does my Alter Eggo have value? 

The only guaranteed value is that you have a custom artistic copy of your Chikn or Roostr NFT. Beyond that there are no promises only possibilities. This a Coqmmunity experiment in trust and cooperation.

However, there is a plan to create utility for the coop members. We already have our first farmland
 and imagine if you could forage your chikn or roostr on multiple farmlands that you don't own....that should give you a hint.  And we already have some members interested in donating $egg to grow the farmland...hint #2. 

The focus will be on creating utility for small kine farmers, with whales and others in the community supporting. BUT...no promises, only possibilities. We start with the Art. 

Can I sell my Alter Eggo? 

Yes. Alter Eggo can be sold and traded just like any other NFT. If you want to leave the coop, no problems (Eggohole)

Do you have questions? 

You can DM @chikncoopclub or @bokboknews on Twitter for answers. 

You can see the other Alter Eggo CHIKN here on CAMPFIRE

You can see the other Alter Eggo ROOSTR here on CAMPFIRE

Bok Bok